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Gestalt therapy offers a regular time and place for you to explore your emotions and draw on your innate creative potential to live well.

People come to therapy or counselling for different reasons.

You may be experiencing some kind of suffering, like feeling anxious in situations where you don’t want to feel anxious. Or you may feel low and out of touch with a sense of creativity or vitality. You may be finding it difficult to form or keep relationship with partners, family or friends. Maybe it is some combination of these.

These kinds of experiences can be very painful and difficult to navigate alone, especially if you are feeling stuck. You may want to find ways to experience more calm and a better connection to yourself and others. Or you might want to be able to be more present in your life and experience more joy.

Finding the right kind of support for you can turn things around. Counselling can support you to heal while experiencing care and empathy. It can also be an effective way of overcoming difficulties around intimacy or creating close connections with others.

We work together, exploring the present moment, looking at unhelpful patterns and experimenting with creating new ones in a safe space. This offers a combination of support and useful challenge. I see therapy as a doorway to bringing more creativity and connection into life. This can offer a new or renewed sense of being at home in yourself.

I know how hard it is to struggle with difficult emotions and feel stuck with them. I have dedicated over a decade to learning how to support people to move through suffering and experience more freedom and joy in life. I like to work collaboratively with you to nurture your potential for growth and change.

It can sometimes feel hard to reach out and take the first step forward. I aim to make that process as easy and comfortable for you as possible. It’s great you’re looking for support. Life can be more enjoyable and satisfying.

I'm a gestalt therapist in senior clinical training and I trained in online therapy via an ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online) approved route. Gestalt therapy is an approach to counselling that supports you to tap into your inner resources and find your own creative way of moving beyond suffering and experiencing more joy and satisfaction. I am a member of GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute) and fully insured. I offer work in person or online, or a mixture of both.

£65 per session
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“Slowing down and becoming curious is a gateway to creation” - Sharon Blackie

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